Wednesday, 6 July 2011

In Memorium: 07-07-2005

I wrote these at the time of the Terrorist attacks. Please read them and reflect tomorrow.


Someone's Father, someone's Mother, someone's Sister, and someone's brother, won't come home tonight.

Someone's Boss, someone's workmate, someone's friend and someone's lover, won't come home tonight.

Someone somewhere forever haunted, by harsh words unresolved,

Someone's somewhere lost in sorrow, some young and some old,

Someone somewhere lost a child, life story not yet written

Someone somewhere forgot goodbyes, now that won't be forgotten

Someone somewhere cooked a meal that never will be eaten

Someone's playstation shows a score that never will be beaten

Someone has a "Baby Gro" that will never be worn

Someone rehearsed wedding vows that never will be sworn

Someone very talented, now never will find fame

Someone might have saved the world, now we wont know that name

Someone somewhere who used to visit will never again drop by

Someone's somewhere with stomachs churning ask the question "Why?"

Someone's Daughter, someone's Son, someone's Dad, someone's Mum, won't come home tonight

Someone's soul mate, someone's Gran, someone's woman, someone's man, won't come home tonight

Or ever again.

© Bri 07/07/2005 In Memorium

Pin Drop: 14/07/2005: 12.01 P.M.

Those we pay to protect us, climbed in tanks and armoured cars that day,
While you, the unsung heroes; set out as usual, for your work or play.
Your bravery unrecorded, you negotiated the minefield of everyday life,
And the obstacle course of relationships, Someone’s Husband, Someone’s Wife.
Someone’s Partner, Someone’s Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend,
Just the ordinary folk who live next door, and on whom we all depend,
To heal us, teach us, serve us: to sell us holidays, food and clothes.
Invisible, unknown, to all but your closest, when on that day you chose,
as you had on every day before, despite the terrorist threat,
to leave your homes and keep society alive. We are now forever in your debt.
You are the true martyrs, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh,
West Indian, African, British: Bengali, Turk and Greek
You had no tank to protect you: you fought our battle by train and by bus
And today we stood and remembered you all;
murdered by bombs intended for us.

And you could have heard a pin drop.

© Bri 2005

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