Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ukip & Fascism: Horses & Carts

Ukip & Fascism: Horses & Carts

Today, former Tory PM John Major criticised what he called "The Nastiness of UKIP".
He forgot to mention the vile "nastiness" and bullying of the Elderly, the Sick, the Disabled, those who's wage is so low that they require additional benefits, and those with Mental Illness, by George Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith.
He also "forgot" to mention how Teresa May released the racist undercurrent in this country by sending out vans telling people who have as much right to live here a...
s she does that they should "Go Home".
May is now joined with proven liar and "Justice Minister" (pure 1984 that misnomer) Chris Grayling in wanting to remove the "Human Rights" of every woman, child and man in this Country.
And, all of this happening while David Cameron & Jeremy Hunt condone the destruction of less than perfect foetuses and steal the National Health Service (Built with the toil and money of the British working class) and sell it off to their friends.
Cameron of course has just given his approval to the sexual abusers of children by falsely claiming the NSPCC report he commissioned exonerated the home office of destroying files. The NSPCC say they did not say that, not the first case of Cameron abusing and lieing to all of us by paraphrasing a document he clearly has not read.
So John Major may be correct in criticising the attitude of neo-fascists in this country, but he should not overlook the fact that those "nasties" are walking in through a gap in humanity bulldozed by the Nazi influenced coalition government.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

From Cradle To Grave: Do Not Pass Go: DEFINITELY Do Not Collect £50

From Cradle To Grave: Do Not Pass Go: DEFINITELY Do Not Collect £50



Some believe that Cameron & Co are attempting to turn back time to before the First World War. I don’t. I believe this Fascist Con-Dem Coalition, are attempting to return the working class of this Country to the time before the Black Death when employees were OWNED by their Employer. SLAVERY.

The MAGNA CARTER, that marvellous old document you learned about in history lessons at school, where you were told this was the first document that protected your Human Rights. Untrue, (unless you were being taught in a public school), because the Magna Carter says nothing about the rights of the working class, it is a document that records a reduction in the Crown’s power over the Peerage and the Landed Gentry

We of the working classes need healthy, well supported Trade Unions in this country. This is because, since the Labour Party: the party we founded to represent us: became “New Labour”, there has been no voice for the working class, putting our needs before those of the Rich and the Mega Rich, other than the voice of the Trade Unions.

Our government has declared war on the Trade Unions. The weak kneed Prime Minister with seriously flawed judgement: David Cameron: condemned teachers for striking last week. Yesterday he SACKED the minister whose policies motivated the Teacher’s to strike. So who was right in the first place, Cameron, Gove, or the people with the welfare of the kids as their first priority, the TEACHERS?

Camerons political judgement reached a new low when, after three weeks of saying unions were finished and how he will wipe them out IF he is re-elected, he has had to give way to their superior knowledge. This is why he and his fascist "chums" want to wipe away all power from the unions just like their hero Hitler did through taking away bit by bit throughout the 1930's.

Please ask yourself, if there were no Teachers Unions would you know the desperate state our primary schools are in. If their were no Health Unions would you know the extent to which Andrew Lansley and Jeremy Hunt have sold off the Health Service that was built with YOUR MONEY, and would you know that too few nurses means care of hospital patients has been Chronically Compromised.

If it were not for UNISON and Disability Rights Activists would you know that because of the policies of Duncan-Smith and the NEWLY PROMOTED Esther McVey people were killed because of the actions of ATOS, the agency whose cock ups were laughed at by Tories in the house of commons, and would you have been alerted to the way this country's vulnerable elderly are abused, bullied, and generally mistreated in what are laughingly called "Care Homes"

It will be down to you next May: When the Tories tell you that they will stop the unions delaying your holiday aircraft, what they mean is that they want to take away your right to be alerted, by industrial action, that your kids education has evolved into classroom torture, that people are suffering and dieing unnecessarily in hospitals, that those on low wages or unemployed are being starved and their children punished so the bankers could keep being paid bonuses, and that the elderly and the disabled are being left to die because, well because Fascists believe that people like me are an expendable drain on financial resources who they can no longer murder so they leave us to fight our own corner while they wash their hands of us.

There you have it. The NHS and Social Services were founded to provide help for the vulnerable "From Cradle To Grave". These services, already starved of resources, will be totally destroyed if the Tories are re-elected with their Fascist belief system that "If you can not afford your cradle, then you belong in a Grave.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

#esaSOS: just when you think it's safe to be disabled again - - -.

Here we go again! Just as we thought things were beginning to settle down those of us who make up the disabled community in this country are having to prepare ourselves for another onslaught on our dignity, our credibility and our abilities. For purely ideological reasons the Coalition Government, and yes, Liberal Democrats, you are as culpable as the Conservatives for what is being done to claw back a few pounds a week from those of us who are unable to serve the capitalist machine for medical reasons, while you cut the tax rates of those with the most money in this country (including yourselves) and you do nothing about those who find a way around the latest tax regulations before the ink recording them has dried on the page.

The Atos inspectors, -(yes that is what they are, Assessors are given licence to apply reality to whatever it is they are assessing while inspectors simply ensure that a product or commodity - in this case those who the medical professions have deemed "disabled" - fit a predefined set of parameters)- have been given instructions to play what amounts to a guessing game with the quality of our lives.

They are now under instruction from the government to imagine whether or not folk like me can be fitted back into "the workplace" if we used some aid or adaptation we might never have heard of, or seen, and regardless of whether or not we, as INDIVIDUALS, are able to make use of that aid or adaptation. This is equivalent to putting a 14-year-old in a Grand Prix car on a public road because they might be a good driver at some unidentified point in the future. Many of us will be subjected to an equivalent level of danger following our INSPECTION. If it were not so serious it would be laughable.

Three years ago I asked my GP if there was somewhere I could go to learn how to “drive” a wheelchair as I thought the time to submit to the pain was coming near. He didn’t agree, he pointed out that permanent use of a wheelchair has implications for skeleton and muscles. We reviewed my pain management instead. So what happens if the Atos inspector decides I can work from a wheelchair?

And there is more - - -

Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I live with both a recognised physical disability and a diagnosed mental illness. I am not sure what the implications will be for me of the latest Tory/Lib Dem instruction to the inspectors that they MUST NOT take account of both the physical and the cognitive disabilities of the human being standing before them, but I am assuming it will mean, in my case, that I am inspected twice. If that is the case it will be incredibly annoying but as those responsible for both my physical and my psychiatric well-being continually reassure me that either one of these conditions, and the strong medication I take in order to manage each one of them, should mean I am never considered fit for employment again. I have to continuously remind myself of some of the true horror stories about the fate of disabled persons who have been inspected by Atos in order that I do not become complacent. For I, and only I, am very aware of what the effect will be on my mental health if I allow myself to assume that I will continue to be deemed unfit for employment and the opposite occurs.

One of the side-effects of my "Degenerative Disc Disease" is arthritis. Earlier this year I was asked by the charity "Arthritis Care" to provide a filmed account of the impact of that aspect of my disabilities on my lifestyle and on my well-being, (BY WHICH THEY MEANT MY MENTAL HEALTH). I'd never really thought about that before, it caused me to recall the time in my early twenties when I contracted glandular fever. Everybody warned me to be wary of the depression glandular fever causes and I would inwardly smile because, unbeknown to them, I was already a diagnosed chronic depressive and I could not imagine that anything could be worse. I was half right, the depression associated with the glandular fever was not "worse" than that I was already experiencing, BUT IT WAS DIFFERENT: AND IT WAS EQUALLY FRIGHTENING AND DEBILITATING. I was able to point out on the film that the depression which comes as part of the package of physical and cognitive pain associated with arthritis is similar. It is also the case that the depression which came with the "illness" of glandular fever, and that which is caused by the consistent pain and the disabling aspects of arthritis, was/is not relieved by the medication prescribed to alleviate my psychiatric depression.

As you can see, I know from experience that to deny the cognitive effects of both chronic illness, and chronic impairment, on the mental health of those who live with either of these things is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the assumption that an inspector has the permission to ignore the impact of living with the affects my defective body and my defected mind have upon each other, in order to "fit" me into some template of what a worthwhile (worthwhile within the capitalist system that is) person is.

The "able-bodied" should take heed of what is happening here. If ever evidence were needed to prove that life in the 21st century is lived as nothing more than a cog in the machine, or that individuality is no longer valued and has no place in a society that places the creation of money above the creation of a caring one, this is it. You who move through life unencumbered by physical disability or psychiatric illness need to join our crusade. As someone who went to work one-day a physically healthy human being and returned and "invalid" I can assure you that you cannot afford to be complacent and perform the “them” and “me” cognitive disassociation this government is encouraging you to do because it prevents you from accepting and empathising with the vulnerability of the human condition. It could be you or one of your loved ones tomorrow, I wonder if you will then continue to condone the bullying, victimisation, and stigmatising that we "disableds" are living with right now. It will be too late then of course, the systems and the recognition we fight for will have gone. And if you happen to be an Atos Inspector I genuinely hope the day never comes that you or your loved ones have to face the future you are creating for me and my community.

Never forget, it's me today, it could be you tomorrow.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

It is time this Fascist government faced reality.

Recent comments about closed curtains at "worktime" reveal how out of touch they are with the realities of working class life and even of the work that goes on to sustain the working infrastructure WHILE THEY SLEEP.

They have attempted to begin another smear and hate campaign just as they have done to the disabled with the help of their "tame" media, the Sun, the Mail, the Express, ITV, Sky and the BBC.

Apart from those who are ill, others who might need to sleep in a darkened room during the day include Nurses, Doctors, Police, Firefighters, Cleaners, Aircrew, Railway Staff, Catering Workers, Bus Drivers, Underground Maintenance Staff, Road Cleaners, Social Workers and thousands of others who help run the 24 hour a day world we all live in.

Every policy of this government reveals a hatred of those of us who are not like them. This is Fascism and I pray the country will wake up to this before the followers of this party of persecution perpetrate a modern Kristallnacht against one of these sustained, government inspired, scapegoated groups of decent, mainly working class, groups of honourable citizens.

Monday, 5 December 2011

An open letter to the **** (just joking) Jeremy Clarkson

An open letter to the **** (just joking) Jeremy Clarkson
From a mentally ill ex public service worker.

Dear bigot (just joking) Jeremy,

I wonder if it's because you grew up with the initials JC that you believe you have some sort of God-given right to mock, abuse, and denigrate people whose lives you do not understand. Sad as that would be, for surely it would mean that you are suffering from some sort of delusional mental illness, I think that would be preferable to the alternative, i.e. That you are a loudmouthed, bigoted, sociopath who is unable to walk in the shoes of others. (That's not an invitation to walk in mine, I can only afford to buy one pair at a time and I fear that your aura might distort them beyond the point where they are useful to me. (Just joking: obviously.)).

Before I get to the nitty-gritty I suppose I ought to come clean and say that I am not a fan of either you or your television programme. In the days when I did watch motoring programmes on the television it was because I wanted to know about the sort of motorcar that I could afford to buy, it was not to watch grown men having the sort of conversation about cars that any group of 13-year-olds might have while playing a game of Top Trumps in the playground. It's about that age, 13 to 15, most young people realise that threatening to kill people is a fairly stupid thing to do, and yet you, an adult, told the world this week that you would like to shoot people like me.
Have you ever had any psychological tests Jeremy, I'm not qualified to say such things - (though that's never stopped you has it) - but I'm wondering if you're suffering from some sort of delayed cognitive development (joking?).
Am I being unfair, would I be saying these things if I really knew you? (I suspect I would be, don't you?). But it is unfair when someone does something like that isn't it? And yet this week you have used, possibly abused, your privileged position as a public mouthpiece to insult, to abuse, and to (attempt, (I think it failed)) ridicule me and thousands like me.

I am a public service pensioner. I was retired "on health grounds" when my spine collapsed and I lost the ability to remove myself quickly from the vicinity of the most violent of the people I worked with and supported in your name.
When I was 40 years old I had moved from "industry" to "social work" for ethical reasons, I knew that I would earn nothing like the salary I could have earned in industry doing a job with a similar level of stresses and responsibility, but was told that would be compensated for when I retired, when, because of the not insubstantial contributions I would have made, I would receive a "good" pension.
(No one needed to explain to me, after all, it's common sense isn't it? that many public servants, police, firemen, ambulance staff, have an upward age limit on the time they could continue in their jobs. It's always been obvious to me that these folk would require a reasonable pension if they were not to be impoverished when they retired in their 50s.
That says nothing of the dangers these folk face in your name, the dangers faced by the three examples I name above are self evident but teachers are attacked by pupils and the parents of those pupils, nurses and doctors by their patients, and social workers and probation officers, and the low paid office workers who make it possible for these people to do their job efficiently, are attacked frequently.).
The only time I have ever taken industrial action was in 1989 when we social workers discovered that the secretaries who were typing our court reports and our notes were taking home less money than the "impoverished" people we were employed to act on behalf of. The media and right wing politicians of that time, just like their counterparts this week, used their disproportionate control over written and televised media in an attempt to ridicule the strikers, by attempting to minimise the statistics regarding the number of people taking direct action, and to obscure the real purpose of our action by repeatedly quoting examples of the salaries of the most senior social work staff to drown out valid union representation of the least well-paid of its members. (Incidentally, those "High Earning", senior members of staff were not striking, they were staffing the telephones and emergency services so that social service users were not disadvantaged). Interesting isn't it that here we are over 20 years later listening to the same arguments from both sides (On the Government side from some of the same people!).
Now Jeremy, what I am in reasonably unique position to know is that those striking public service workers have contributed a great deal more to their pension schemes in the past than those in the private sector did. This is what the argument this week (this year) has been about, not what might happen in the future but what will happen to the money that these workers have, in effect, put by to support them when they retire. If this government were to say to you that they are going to retrospectively tax you on any savings you have made since you began work I suspect you might have some sort of opinion about that.
This week the coalition government has been laughably "talking up" the miniscule new tax they are applying to banks and bankers, but there is no talk of this being applied retrospectively, back to the time when banks first began making extortionate profits.
Know what Jeremy, I suspect that (like the true child of Thatcher you are) you do not like the term "unfair", I suspect you would like to see people with a problem get off of their arses and do something about it. Well Jeremy, that is what the public sector workers did this week, in accordance with "Laws" laid down by Thatcher's Government, yet you, and the right wing politicians who think the way you do, attempted to lampoon them for doing it. I realise that you were probably "Only Joking" but, I think you should know that the 2 million strikers and millions like me who supported their action, did not find any of it very funny.
The other thing I do not find funny is that my public sector pension, which you are all so envious of, is worth less than £100 a week to me. (And I'm not joking).
And now to your second "funny" remark of this week, the one during which you claimed that people who commit suicide by throwing themselves under trains are being selfish.
The sad thing about this for me is that it is different from "funny?" remarks you made about shooting strikers. Those remarks, along with your previous "humorous" soliloquies regarding the "Green" movement; and those you make to reinforce the gender stereotypes which some of us have been working as long as you have lived to remove; can be put down as the ranting of an uninformed bigot. Here my concern is that unlike those occasions, you appeared to have some knowledge of the subject you sought to ridicule. After all, in one of your interviews you made it clear that you are aware that those who choose to die in this way have a very high success rate.
You might like to know that among those of us who fight daily against the desire to end our own lives it is well known that those who have "had enough" will jump, (from bridges, buildings, or under trains), or, they will shoot or hang themselves (and my contempt of you is even greater because you chose to value being able to drive your car through traffic free London above the loss of human life during a week when the family of Gary Speed have had to begin the journey of coming to terms with his choosing to end his life in that way.).
When, like me, you have sat in waiting rooms or on wards full of people who really do see, and are genuinely terrified of, little green men, other people who desperately want to take "that way" out of a life haunted by televisions that speak to them, or hearing voices which constantly tell them to harm themselves or those they love, or hallucinations which play out before them scenes far more horrific than the most talented creators of horror films can imagine. Once you have got to know those people you will be entitled to begin to think you might have a right to apply cruel labels to us, to my people, and to my friends, the most courageous people I know.
In a society that uses the word "depressed" to describe the feeling when one loses a mobile phone or is upset by a remark made by another, it is easy to forget that Clinical Depression, and Bipolar Disorder are terminal illnesses, terminal because they cannot be cured and more often than not will end with the premature death of the person with the illness. (The impact of the second illness on the sufferer and those closest to them is further discounted by the way the term "Manic" has been so distorted through common, inappropriate, media usage).
The strategy used by many sufferers of mental illness, and the professionals who treat them and care for them, is to combat their wish to be dead through invoking and visualising thoughts of how their deaths will affect those who love and care for them. Wife's, Husband's, Children, Grandchildren, Partner's, Boyfriend's, Girlfriend's, the Cat, and the Dog, the feelings of all of these take on massive significance when the thought patterns of those with mental illness become dominated by the wish to die. Many of us will have been using these images and thoughts for the benefit of others for years, even though they keep us trapped in an endless cycle of fear, anxiety, loneliness and alienation.
For many of us our first thoughts on waking are occupied with deciding strategies we will employ that day to hide our innermost thoughts and feelings from those we love so they do not become worried or distressed about, or by, us.
Many of us travel to work praying that this will not be the day when something happens to cause enough extra stress for us to betray the torment in our heads. For some of us that means running through every possible eventuality of the coming day so that we are not "caught out" and do not betray our "true" self. This of course means arriving at work already mentally exhausted and travelling through the rest of the day on automatic pilot.
The same process begins on the journey home in an attempt to predict situations or actions by us, which cause worry or sadness for those we live with. While we sit and watch the TV with you we are constantly monitoring the affect of "our selves" on you while trying to grasp enough of the TV programme to answer you if you ask about it. (We are the best multitaskers in the world and I can tell you, because I've done both, it's a lot more tiring than driving very fast a car designed for that purpose).
Tomorrow begins the moment we get into bed tonight, when, instead of being able to celebrate the achievements of getting through the day just passed, we are compelled to begin plotting how we must be from the time we wake in the morning. A process that might take several hours, meaning that by the time we sleep, tomorrow is already here and we wake troubled, and un-refreshed, as the cycle described above inevitably re-occurs.
Selfish Jeremy, I don't think so, most of us who finally escape the cycle require more real courage to do so than you need to drive across a traffic filled London. We are often glad for a colleague who has managed to find that window of escape from the cycle, and those whose windows of opportunity lead onto a railway platform, onto the roof of the building, or onto a bridge, deserve the most respect because they chose a route from which they knew there was not the remotest possibility of return. These are often those of us whose previous escape attempts had been derided as "a cry for help" or "acting out".
When "our" day comes and the fog clears from our eyes, the voices in our heads are quietened, and our hallucinations are of kindly persons taking our hands and leading us to some calm and peaceful place, it will not be selfishness that drives us forward, quite the opposite in fact, for many of us it will be because prior to these wonderful things happening we have finally convinced ourselves that the best thing we could do for those we love the most: Wives, Husbands, Children, Grandchildren, Partners, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, the cat and the dog: is to save them from the future fears, and worries, and from the sadness and pain that we know we will continue to bring into their lives.

That's about it really Jeremy. I don't really expect any of this to change what you might do or say in the future. I, like many others, watched in disbelief as you and your playground pals vandalised and ruined the garden of Steve Redgrave in the name of "good television" and "charity" a few years ago, and we realised on that day what a massive Kant you are. Interestingly two other modern day massive Kant's; named Cameron and Johnson; are also very skilled at obscuring and minimising acts of vandalism perpetrated by themselves while spreading callous and damaging gossip about those whose lives they have made no attempt to understand.
In my opening paragraph I advocated that you should walk in the shoes of others before making condemnatory statements about them. I've changed that view. While placing your words of this week under greater scrutiny I've come to the conclusion that I do not want to subject my vulnerable and sensitive friends and colleagues to your adolescent, unfeeling rhetoric.
I would still like you to call them together before you next pass ill informed, right wing propaganda led judgements of them. I would still like you to ask them to remove their shoes, but, rather than placing those shoes on your feet, I suggest you place them between your lips and hold them there until the desire to pontificate in the uneducated, ill informed, manner of a bigot, leaves you.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

In Memorium: 07-07-2005

I wrote these at the time of the Terrorist attacks. Please read them and reflect tomorrow.


Someone's Father, someone's Mother, someone's Sister, and someone's brother, won't come home tonight.

Someone's Boss, someone's workmate, someone's friend and someone's lover, won't come home tonight.

Someone somewhere forever haunted, by harsh words unresolved,

Someone's somewhere lost in sorrow, some young and some old,

Someone somewhere lost a child, life story not yet written

Someone somewhere forgot goodbyes, now that won't be forgotten

Someone somewhere cooked a meal that never will be eaten

Someone's playstation shows a score that never will be beaten

Someone has a "Baby Gro" that will never be worn

Someone rehearsed wedding vows that never will be sworn

Someone very talented, now never will find fame

Someone might have saved the world, now we wont know that name

Someone somewhere who used to visit will never again drop by

Someone's somewhere with stomachs churning ask the question "Why?"

Someone's Daughter, someone's Son, someone's Dad, someone's Mum, won't come home tonight

Someone's soul mate, someone's Gran, someone's woman, someone's man, won't come home tonight

Or ever again.

© Bri 07/07/2005 In Memorium

Pin Drop: 14/07/2005: 12.01 P.M.

Those we pay to protect us, climbed in tanks and armoured cars that day,
While you, the unsung heroes; set out as usual, for your work or play.
Your bravery unrecorded, you negotiated the minefield of everyday life,
And the obstacle course of relationships, Someone’s Husband, Someone’s Wife.
Someone’s Partner, Someone’s Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend,
Just the ordinary folk who live next door, and on whom we all depend,
To heal us, teach us, serve us: to sell us holidays, food and clothes.
Invisible, unknown, to all but your closest, when on that day you chose,
as you had on every day before, despite the terrorist threat,
to leave your homes and keep society alive. We are now forever in your debt.
You are the true martyrs, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh,
West Indian, African, British: Bengali, Turk and Greek
You had no tank to protect you: you fought our battle by train and by bus
And today we stood and remembered you all;
murdered by bombs intended for us.

And you could have heard a pin drop.

© Bri 2005

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why "Calm down Dear" furore goes beyond "Political Correctness".

It is less then 24 hours since Emperor Cameron told Labour MP Angela Eagles to "calm down dear". She was importantly challenging an incorrect statement he had made when answering a question about the NHS During Prime Minister's Question Time yesterday, yet the media is already playing the government's game of trying to turn criticism of Emperor Cameron's patronisation and bullying of Eagles into yet another example of "political correctness gone mad".
In the manner of Emperor Cameron and his role model Empress Thatcher I would now like to make it absolutely clear in an unequivocal, calm and measured way why what went on in the Commons yesterday demonstrates something much more sinister than "political correctness gone mad". I will of course do this by drawing your attention to 3 (yes: three) "bullet points" on that invisible flipchart Emperor Cameron would like us to imagine he is pointing at whenever he speaks to us as if we are class full of schoolchildren.
  1. Equality: since becoming elected the coalition has treated all areas of "Human Rights" with absolute contempt. Emperor Cameron has made what amount to racist speeches both in Germany and here in Britain, the coalition's way of ensuring the protection of the rights of disabled people is to try to prove that there is no such thing as a disabled person, and: finally: the coalition's misogynistic attitude to women, which has seen both Emperor Cameron and his lieutenant: that protector of tax cheats, William Hague, use their wives to protect them from media pressure, has now been made even more visible through Cameron's patronising and bullying treatment of Angela Eagles yesterday. The reason why the media has to take a much more serious line on Emperor Cameron revealing his inner self yesterday is because his party is seeking to remove the Equality Act through the back door. The government "Red Tape Challenge" website has set up a discussion here inviting the folk like you and I to tell them why equal opportunities legislation is "red tape" rather than being essential legislation which for many provides the only protection they have from the world which views them as inferior or dysfunctional beings. In trying to enlist public support for the abolishment of the Equalities Act Emperor Cameron is once again demonstrating his belief in his absolute autonomy over the British people and their parliament. Without a mandate to do so he has already altered the boundaries of many political constituencies in favour of his own party, and, while telling parents why they must let their children go hungry and the disabled why they are not entitled to protection because the previous government left no money to keep established benefits and practices in place, he has somehow conjured up "from the reserve" enough money to allow him to posture on the world stage by practising "Imperialism", the very thing that has led to many other countries in the world viewing ours with contempt. Emperor Cameron and his senators are very good at attempting to dismiss matters of global importance by reducing them to the content of a simple story about one constituent they have been speaking to. I assume that if a constituent came to them at one of their constituency clinics saying they are no longer able to feed their children but that they will still be taking an expensive foreign holiday to promote the image of Britons abroad, that constituent would be told to cancel the "image building" and to feed their children with the money. Why isn't "The Media", The Liberal Democrats and The Labour Party suggesting to the Emporer that he stops killing people and uses the money to reduce our loan and the interest we are paying on it? The media should be pointing out right now the obscene anomaly that is taking place while Emperor Cameron continues his global image building at the expense of the less fortunate members of British society. Emperor Cameron and his lieutenant's have no respect for the concept of equality which has been one of the things which historically have made the British what they are. It was these things, not a lack of insight regarding political correctness that Emperor Cameron betrayed yesterday, and it is these things that the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party, and the media should be drawing attention to today.

  2. Bullying: whatever the conservative party and the media be trying to say today, the expression on Emperor Cameron's face as he attempted to face down opponents who were confronting him with his own mistakes betrayed the disdain with which he views those opponents. The bullying nature of the coalition government has been endlessly illustrated through its treatment of children, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled, illustrations of which can be found throughout the pages of my own, and many other blogs which focus on mistreatment of the sick and disabled. The media should be reminding people of the determination that the Emperor applied in his attempts to get us all to believe that his predecessor, Gordon Brown, was a bully. The media should be reminding people that the Emperor's bullying of Gordon Brown is still going on through his intent to prevent Gordon Brown assuming a role of world importance with the International Monetary Fund and, on a more petty level, through the influence he has undoubtedly brought to bear in ensuring that neither Gordon Brown nor his predecessor Tony Blair have been invited to the Royal Wedding tomorrow while the ambassadors of countries we are at war with because of their infringement of the civil rights of their citizens will be there. Emperor Cameron's bullying, like that of other dictators, Hitler, Stalin, Gaddafi, Hussien, etc. extends to trying to remove from history the importance and influence of any of his political predecessors. It was these things, not a lack of insight regarding political correctness that Emperor Cameron betrayed yesterday and it is these things that the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party, and the media, should be drawing attention to today.

  3. Economical with the Truth: that this government has no respect for accuracy has been illustrated from the minute they came to power after spending a week presenting the country with the charade of discussions between the Liberal Democrats and other parties supposedly in intense discussion regarding which party the Liberal Democrats would align themselves with to form a government. We later learned from Danny Alexander, Liberal Democrat secretary to the Treasury, that in fact the decision had been made prior to the election, this is an underreported fact even though it illustrates how the claim of the coalition that they could not wait to tackle urgent problems, left by their predecessors, and that these issues must be tackled "immediately", was hollow nonsense. The thousands of us who make up the disabled community in this country have been made more aware than most of this government's contempt for the truth as on at least three occasions Chris Grayling has, unchallenged either by the Emperor or the printed media, distorted statistics in an attempt to give credibility to his victimisation of the long-term sick and disabled. Yesterday: it was because Angela Eagles was pointing out an untruth in what Emperor Cameron had said, that he turned on her and told her to "Calm down Dear". He was already flustered at that point because Ed Milliband had been pointing out to the house discrepancies in other "facts" the Emperor had previously told both the house and the media regarding things that are happening to the detriment of the National Health Service. In fact that session of Prime Minister's Question Time began with an untruth as the Emperor sought to claim economic growth that simply has not occurred. It must be said that the media has begun to draw attention to the fact that when he is placed under pressure the Emperor makes inappropriate brusque remarks which illustrate his true, bullying, nature. See: even so, it is all of these things, and not a lack of insight regarding political correctness, that Emperor Cameron betrayed yesterday and it is these things that the Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party, and the media should all be drawing attention to today.

    Now, having made that all absolutely clear, in case you are thinking that this piece has been written by someone who is so sated in the ideology of equality that I am a "lefty" embodiment of political correctness gone mad, I ask you to consider the following:
    In the advertisement which Emperor Cameron claims informed his "comedy" yesterday we see Michael Winner using the phrase to disarm and to "shut up" someone, who just happens to be a woman, who is questioning the things that he said. It has never been regarded as a funny advertisement, in fact, it is one of those advertisements that achieved notoriety for being in such bad taste. I wonder how many people who voted for Emperor Cameron and his party were aware that his personality is influenced by such things.

    In conclusion: "Political Correctness" in the form of legislation such as the 2010 Equality Act, is necessary because obnoxious, insensitive, uncaring bullies use their intellect and/or their physical presence to intimidate, denigrate, humiliate and disenfranchise those who are less able than they are to protect themselves. Emperor Cameron, his lieutenant's, and Private Clegg, are attempting to rewind this country to the way it was in the 1970s before some of them were born and before most of them would have been fully aware what was occurring around them, I can assure them, it was not a very pleasant time, as my father-in-law used to say, "be careful of what you wish for - you might get it".