Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ukip & Fascism: Horses & Carts

Ukip & Fascism: Horses & Carts

Today, former Tory PM John Major criticised what he called "The Nastiness of UKIP".
He forgot to mention the vile "nastiness" and bullying of the Elderly, the Sick, the Disabled, those who's wage is so low that they require additional benefits, and those with Mental Illness, by George Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith.
He also "forgot" to mention how Teresa May released the racist undercurrent in this country by sending out vans telling people who have as much right to live here a...
s she does that they should "Go Home".
May is now joined with proven liar and "Justice Minister" (pure 1984 that misnomer) Chris Grayling in wanting to remove the "Human Rights" of every woman, child and man in this Country.
And, all of this happening while David Cameron & Jeremy Hunt condone the destruction of less than perfect foetuses and steal the National Health Service (Built with the toil and money of the British working class) and sell it off to their friends.
Cameron of course has just given his approval to the sexual abusers of children by falsely claiming the NSPCC report he commissioned exonerated the home office of destroying files. The NSPCC say they did not say that, not the first case of Cameron abusing and lieing to all of us by paraphrasing a document he clearly has not read.
So John Major may be correct in criticising the attitude of neo-fascists in this country, but he should not overlook the fact that those "nasties" are walking in through a gap in humanity bulldozed by the Nazi influenced coalition government.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

From Cradle To Grave: Do Not Pass Go: DEFINITELY Do Not Collect £50

From Cradle To Grave: Do Not Pass Go: DEFINITELY Do Not Collect £50



Some believe that Cameron & Co are attempting to turn back time to before the First World War. I don’t. I believe this Fascist Con-Dem Coalition, are attempting to return the working class of this Country to the time before the Black Death when employees were OWNED by their Employer. SLAVERY.

The MAGNA CARTER, that marvellous old document you learned about in history lessons at school, where you were told this was the first document that protected your Human Rights. Untrue, (unless you were being taught in a public school), because the Magna Carter says nothing about the rights of the working class, it is a document that records a reduction in the Crown’s power over the Peerage and the Landed Gentry

We of the working classes need healthy, well supported Trade Unions in this country. This is because, since the Labour Party: the party we founded to represent us: became “New Labour”, there has been no voice for the working class, putting our needs before those of the Rich and the Mega Rich, other than the voice of the Trade Unions.

Our government has declared war on the Trade Unions. The weak kneed Prime Minister with seriously flawed judgement: David Cameron: condemned teachers for striking last week. Yesterday he SACKED the minister whose policies motivated the Teacher’s to strike. So who was right in the first place, Cameron, Gove, or the people with the welfare of the kids as their first priority, the TEACHERS?

Camerons political judgement reached a new low when, after three weeks of saying unions were finished and how he will wipe them out IF he is re-elected, he has had to give way to their superior knowledge. This is why he and his fascist "chums" want to wipe away all power from the unions just like their hero Hitler did through taking away bit by bit throughout the 1930's.

Please ask yourself, if there were no Teachers Unions would you know the desperate state our primary schools are in. If their were no Health Unions would you know the extent to which Andrew Lansley and Jeremy Hunt have sold off the Health Service that was built with YOUR MONEY, and would you know that too few nurses means care of hospital patients has been Chronically Compromised.

If it were not for UNISON and Disability Rights Activists would you know that because of the policies of Duncan-Smith and the NEWLY PROMOTED Esther McVey people were killed because of the actions of ATOS, the agency whose cock ups were laughed at by Tories in the house of commons, and would you have been alerted to the way this country's vulnerable elderly are abused, bullied, and generally mistreated in what are laughingly called "Care Homes"

It will be down to you next May: When the Tories tell you that they will stop the unions delaying your holiday aircraft, what they mean is that they want to take away your right to be alerted, by industrial action, that your kids education has evolved into classroom torture, that people are suffering and dieing unnecessarily in hospitals, that those on low wages or unemployed are being starved and their children punished so the bankers could keep being paid bonuses, and that the elderly and the disabled are being left to die because, well because Fascists believe that people like me are an expendable drain on financial resources who they can no longer murder so they leave us to fight our own corner while they wash their hands of us.

There you have it. The NHS and Social Services were founded to provide help for the vulnerable "From Cradle To Grave". These services, already starved of resources, will be totally destroyed if the Tories are re-elected with their Fascist belief system that "If you can not afford your cradle, then you belong in a Grave.