Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ukip & Fascism: Horses & Carts

Ukip & Fascism: Horses & Carts

Today, former Tory PM John Major criticised what he called "The Nastiness of UKIP".
He forgot to mention the vile "nastiness" and bullying of the Elderly, the Sick, the Disabled, those who's wage is so low that they require additional benefits, and those with Mental Illness, by George Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith.
He also "forgot" to mention how Teresa May released the racist undercurrent in this country by sending out vans telling people who have as much right to live here a...
s she does that they should "Go Home".
May is now joined with proven liar and "Justice Minister" (pure 1984 that misnomer) Chris Grayling in wanting to remove the "Human Rights" of every woman, child and man in this Country.
And, all of this happening while David Cameron & Jeremy Hunt condone the destruction of less than perfect foetuses and steal the National Health Service (Built with the toil and money of the British working class) and sell it off to their friends.
Cameron of course has just given his approval to the sexual abusers of children by falsely claiming the NSPCC report he commissioned exonerated the home office of destroying files. The NSPCC say they did not say that, not the first case of Cameron abusing and lieing to all of us by paraphrasing a document he clearly has not read.
So John Major may be correct in criticising the attitude of neo-fascists in this country, but he should not overlook the fact that those "nasties" are walking in through a gap in humanity bulldozed by the Nazi influenced coalition government.

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